• Kaki am Brunnentrog © Elisabeth Scheidl
  • Alchemistenpark © Johannes Hloch
  • Berberitze im Alchemistenpark, Kirchberg am Wagram © Johannes Hloch
  • Azaroldorn im Alchemistenpark, Kirchberg am Wagram © Siegfried Tatschl

Kirchberg am Wagram, an orchard of a town

Secret to enjoyment: The Alchemists Park and an entire town transformed into an orchard. An edible landscape and community, an experience filled with enjoyment.
Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? We take off on a foray through the history of humankind, through unique landscapes shaped by human hand - altered time and time again by the Danube and the people living along it. Fruit, both wild and cultivated, plays a special role.

We invite you to take a stroll with us through worlds of enjoyment you might be surprised to find in Austria: an edible landscape and community with more than 200 species of fruit and nuts planted on public land.

Magic of nature in Alchemists Park
The Alchemists Park was laid out in 2007 according to permaculture design principles. It forms the core of the first edible community in Lower Austria. and is a project to promote fruit diversity in Europe. Varieties of fruit also grow here which just a few decades ago were either completely unknown or considered not hardy enough to survive the local winter. Specialties such as blue sausage fruit, paw paw, blue-berried honeysuckle, red-fleshed peaches, and mulberries invite you to set off on an experience for all the senses.

The Alchemists Park is open year-round and a popular gathering spot for all generations. An integrated natural playground also encourages youngsters to explore nature and enjoy its delights.
The Danube garden for fruit lovers: enjoyment for all the senses in a cultivated landscape. Explore the Alchemists Park and an entire town transformed into an orchard.

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The Alchemists Park was laid out according to permaculture principles in 2007 as the core of the first edible community of Lower Austria. The object is to present all annual and perennial varieties of fruits and nuts that grow in this climate zone in public space. The collection currently encompasses more than 200 varieties and is designed as an edible landscape.

Opening times

Open year-round

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Josef Humer from the municipality of Kirchberg am Wagram is happy to answer them!

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