• Stift Göttweig mit Weingärten im Vordergrund
  • Römisches Stadtviertel, Römerstadt Carnuntum
  • Ruine Aggstein © Steve Haider

TOP Excursion Destinations

The biggest and best known excursion destinations in Lower Austria have joined together as “TOP Excursion Destinations.” Their goal is to offer guests special quality. We have marked all TOP excursion destinations for you.

Stift Melk im Frühling

Melk Abbey

Eventful history and vibrant present: Since its foundation in 1089, the baroque Abbey Melk has been inhabited and managed by Benedictine monks. Today it is known worldwide as a...

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Geomantische Allee

Artstetten Castle

The enchanting Artstetten Castle is situated high above the Danube in a charming park and is flanked by seven characteristic towers. This is a place of commemoration for Crown...

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Stift Göttweig

Göttweig Abbey

Austria's Monte Cassino watches over the southern entry to the Wachau south of Krems like a sacred fortress.
Göttweig Abbey was founded in 1083 as a proprietary monastery and...

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Ausblick von der Burgruine Aggstein

Burgruine Aggstein

The castle ruins are situated at about 300 meters (ca. 985 feet ) altitude above the right bank of the Danube on an outcropping that runs in an East-West direction. It is some 150...

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Karikaturmuseum Krems

Caricature Museum Krems

Caricature Museum Krems is Austria's only museum devoted solely to caricature, pictorial satire, comics and cartoons. It is a mere five-minute walk from the Krems-Stein landing...

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Gelände Garten Tulln


Visitors can look forward to a host of attractions that promise a diverse and entertaining outing for the whole family. Kids can play to their heart's content in Lower Austria's...

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Kräuterspirale in den Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten

Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten

In 1996 it begun to make the different ways of garden design "intelligible", by creating show gardens to various garden topics.Meanwhile, the area of the themed gardens include...

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Stift Klosterneuburg

Klosterneuburg Monastry

In an eventful history spanning nine centuries, Klosterneuburg Monastery has developed into a religious, pastoral, scientific, cultural and economic centre.Since its foundation in...

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Kunsthalle Krems

Kunsthalle Krems

Housed in the historical tobacco factory on Franz-Zeller-Platz, Kunsthalle Krems is the international exhibition venue in Lower Austria for modern and contemporary art. With its...

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Museum Carnuntinum

Museum Carnuntinum

The Museum Carnuntinum is the treasure house of the Roman City Carnuntum and possesses the most important collection of Roman Carnuntum. The temporary exhibition „Rome’s Eagle“...

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Römerstadt Carnuntum

A visit to Carnuntum makes the Ancient Roman period come to life. The region boasts architectural masterpieces, romantic ruins and precious treasures — and all this is just a half...

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Schatzkammer: Historischer Flaschenkeller der Winzer Krems

Sandgrube 13 Wein.Sinn

Journey into the fascination of wine: The SANDGRUBE 13 wein.sinn experience walks with its guests in the footsteps of grapes - through 8 exciting stations. The guided tour offers...

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Baumwipfelweg DIE GARTEN TULLN

Treetop Trail at GARTEN TULLN

Get ready for a spectacularly high walk through the tops of towering trees. Perched 30 meters above the ground, the treetop trail consists of a multi-level lookout tower, flights...

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