• Wallsee © Gemeinde Wallsee-Sindelburg
  • Schloss Wallsee © Gemeinde Wallsee-Sindelburg
  • Donau bei Wallsee © Gemeinde Wallsee-Sindelburg

Wallsee, Danube Ship Station No. 2

Wallsee-Sindelburg is situated at the south bank of river Danube within beautiful scenery.

Worth seeing

Mostbirnhaus Ardagger
Mostbirnhaus means "cider pear house" in English and has an engaging exhibition about the life of pears from blossom time to finished product. Award-winning pear ciders from the best cider producers in the Mostviertel (cider quarter) can be found here and the biggest choice of ciders in Austria. www.mostbirnhaus.at 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
Bus Mostbirnhaus Ardagger 14 km 23 min.

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Service Information

Danube Ship Station No. 2
Right bank
River Marker km: 2093,606
Docking order: 2

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