• Spitz in der Wachau
  • Marillenbauer und Whiskyproduzent Marillenhof Kausl im Spitzer Graben, Wachau
  • Wachaubahn

Spitz, Danube Ship Station No. 15,16

Spitz encircles the base of the Thousand Barrel Mountain vineyard like a precious collar. Marktstrasse winds its way up from the Danube past wineries and to the church, whose chancel is famously out of line with the nave. A side-trip to the former city gate (Red Gate) has its rewards: impressive views of Spitz. www.spitz-wachau.at 

Worth seeing

This old rail line runs through the heart of the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape. It is a special tourist attraction because as it travels along, passengers are treated to wonderful views of the terraced vineyards and of this landscape so shaped by the Danube. www.noevog.at 

Shipping Museum Spitz
At Erlaahof in Spitz, visitors can immerse themselves in a time prior to Danube steamboats, when horses pulled the ships back upstream. www.schifffahrtsmuseum-spitz.at 

This museum is near the spot where the famous female figurine Venus of Willendorf was found and displays artifacts from the Paleolithic Age. A walk to the site of the find is well worthwhile. www.venusium.at 

Mühldorf Bakery Museum
The old bakery contains all manner of historical gadgets and utensils that can be experienced on a tour or during a baking demonstration. There is also an historical toy shop that is open to the public. www.baeckereimuseum.at 

Marillenhof Kausl, apricot farm
This apricot farmer produces liquid and solid products from Wachau apricots and even distills his own Wachau Whiskey. Visitors can taste and experience so much about the processing of Wachau apricots. www.marillenhof.at 

City and vineyard tours in Spitz
This wine town in the Wachau is an ideal base for vineyard hikes to the Thousand Barrel Mountain with its many views or to the Red Gate. City tours that include church visits are also available. Wine tasting can be staged at a heuriger wine tavern, in a wine cellar or at Klosterhof. Information & reservation: Donau Incoming, incoming@donau.com 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Vineyard tours 500 m 8 min.
  Wachaubahn 500 m 8 min.
Bus Shipping Museum 2 km 4 min.
  Venusium 6 km 8 min.
  Mühldorf Bakery Museum 7 km 10 min.
  Apricot Farm Kausl 8 km 15 min.

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Service Information

Danube Ship Station: No. 15
Left bank
River marker km: 2019,243
Docking order: 2

Danube Ship Station: No. 16
Left bank
River marker km: 2018,883
Docking order: 2

Parking for 30 buses (distance app. 400m)

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