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  • Weinerlebniswelt & Vinothek Winzer Krems

Krems an der Donau, Danube Ship Station No. 23-25, 33

The dynamic cultural and university town of Krems-Stein was home to the famous medieval painter Kremser Schmidt. Cobbled medieval lanes snuggle into the slopes of the surrounding hills, offering visitors a picturesque sight. The city became prosperous as a trading center for salt and wine. www.krems.info 

Worth seeing

Krems Art Mile
Krems is a cultural hot spot in Austria. Its Art Mile includes the country's only caricature museum, the state gallery of Lower Austria and the Kunsthalle Krems as a venue for international exhibitions of art dating from 1945 to the present as well as the exhibition space in the Church of the Friars Minor and Forum Frohner. The new art museum is opening in May 2019. www.kunsthalle.at , www.forum-frohner.at , www.karikaturmuseum.at, www.landesgalerie-noe.at 

Museum Krems
This museum offers insights into the wine production of the city of Krems and illuminates the history of "Kremser Senf", a popular local sweet mustard. Kremser Senf tasting events can also be booked. www.museumkrems.at 

This old rail line runs through the heart of the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape. It is a special tourist attraction because as it travels along, passengers are treated to wonderful views of the terraced vineyards and of this landscape so shaped by the Danube. www.noevog.at 

Winzer Krems - The World of Wine
This tour through Winzer Krems starts in the vineyards and proceeds to the wine region and then to the wine treasures. An experience for all the senses at 8 stations with wine samples. www.sandgrube13.at 

Göttweig Abbey
Founded in 1083, this abbey is perched on the Göttweig hilltop near Furth. The abbey church is impressive, as is the imperial staircase with its splendid frescoes by Paul Troger. www.stiftgoettweig.at 

Weinhof Aufreiter, wine farm
Tasting sessions featuring delicious apricot products from the apricot farmer Harald Aufreiter at his farm in Krems/Angern. A 4km hiking trail passes scenically through the apricot orchards and can also be explored on a guided hike. www.marillenweg.at  , www.weinhof.at 

Loisium - Wine experience
A unique wine experience in the aluminum cube built by star New York architect Steven Holl. LOISIUM in Langenlois can be explored and wines tasted on different themed tours. www.loisium.at 

Kittenberger Themed Gardens
Garden designer Kittenberger created a true garden paradise in Schiltern. It is an inviting place to visit with guided walks to certain points of focus such as herbs and garden delights plus the on-site Restaurant Glas.Haus. www.kittenberger.at 

Arche Noah
Arche Noah in Schiltern preserves and cultivates thousands of endangered types of vegetables, fruits and grains. Tours through the show garden provide an interesting insight into rare plants, vegetables and fruits. www.arche-noah.at 

City tours in Krems/Stein
The city of Krems/Stein can be explored on classic city tours as well as on a special culinary tour, where local products produced in the city can be sampled. Rounds with the Night Watchman provide an insight into the lives of people who inhabited the medieval city of Krems/Stein back then. One tour explores the life of the well-known local painter Kremser Schmidt in the 18th centuary up until his death. www.krems.info 

Grafenegg Castle
Grafenegg has gained an international reputation as a music hot spot with its topflight classical music festival. Visitors can view the Auditorium and the open-air stage known as the "Wolkenturm" (tower of clouds). Other options are a tour of the castle or the old riding school or perhaps a stroll through the spacious park surrounding the castle. www.grafenegg.com 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Krems Art Mile 500 m 10 min.
  Wachau rail line (railway station Stein) 1 km 15 min.
  City tours in Krems/Stein 500 m 10 min.
Bus Museum Krems 2 km + 400 m walk 15 min.
  Wachau rail line (railway station Krems) 3 km 5 min.
  Winzer Krems - The World of Wine 4 km 10 min.
  Göttweig Abbey 10 km 15 min.
  Weinhof Aufreiter 10 km 10 min.
  LOISIUM 14 km 16 min.
  Kittenberger Themed Gardens 18,5 km 20 min.
  Grafenegg Castle 14 km 16 min.
  Arche Noah 20 km 25 min.

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Danube Ship Station: No. 23
Left bank
River marker km: 2002,614
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Danube Ship Station: No. 24
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River marker km: 2002,453
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Danube Ship Station: No. 25
Left bank
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Danube Ship Station: No. 33
Left bank
River marker km: 2002,820
Docking order: 45 m

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