• Römerstadt Carnuntum ©  Niederösterreich Werbung / Andreas Hofer Photography
  • Ausstellung Haydn Geburtshaus, Rohrau
  • Erlebnisraum in der Besucherwelt am Vienna International Airport

Museums & Exhibition

A visit to Carnuntum makes the Ancient Roman period come to life: Carnuntum, the imperial city, is born again. For the first time anywhere in the world, a part of an Ancient Roman city was reconstructed at the open-air museum in Petronell. Baroque splendor and zest for life are in the air at Schloss Hof, a former summer residence of Empress Maria Theresia. Rohrau Castle contains one of the world’s most significant private collections of art: the Harrach family’s painting collection.

Schloss Marchegg

Castle Marchegg

King Ottokar II founded Marchegg prior to 1268 by building an imposing fortification complex. The castle was originally part of this complex but dons a Baroque guise today...

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Haydn Geburtshaus

Haydn Geburtshaus Rohrau

The birthplace of two of Austria´s most outstanding composers, Joseph and Michael Haydn, is situated in Rohrau, Lower Austria, in the south east of Vienna. Their father Mathias...

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Schloss Rohrau, Römerland Carnuntum

Rohrau Castle

It is surrounded by a romantic landscape garden and located on the edge of Leithaauen. The castle has housed the largest private collection of works by 17th and 18th c Spanish and...

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Römisches Stadtviertel

Römerstadt Carnuntum

A visit to Carnuntum makes the Ancient Roman period come to life. The region boasts architectural masterpieces, romantic ruins and precious treasures — and all this is just a half...

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Schloss Hof_Weiße Esel

Schloss Hof

Rebuilt in 1725 into a hunting lodge and country seat for the military commander Prince Eugene of Savoy, in 1755 the ensemble was purchased by Maria Theresa, who had it remodelled...

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Schloss Niederweiden

Schloss Niederweiden

As preventive measure to contain infections through the Corona virus (Covid.19), Schloss Hof Estate and Schloss Niederweiden) will be closed for guests until 13 April 2020! Prince...

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