Museums & Exhibitions

In the Tullner Donauraum-Wagram region you feel the fresh wind wafting over the colorful mosaic of countryside and it is also noticeable in the diverse art and culture scene. Visit our famous exhibitions or charming museums.

Egon Schiele Museum

Egon Schiele - Museum

Egon Schiele private: The museum reinvents itself on the 100th anniversary of the death of the exceptional artist.
Original works and animated original audio and visual documents...

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Egon Schiele Schlafzimmer

Egon Schiele’s Birthplace

Welcome home, Egon! Enter the Schiele family’s apartment.The newly done rooms in the Egon Schiele’s birthplace provide authentic insights into events in the childhood of this...

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Fassbindermuseum Straß

Fassbinderei und Weinbaumuseum

The Museum of barrel making and viticulture in Straß in Straßertal leads families back in the time of the wine barrel binding, a craft that has almost died out. In the museum of...

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Freilichtmuseum Germanisches Gehöft Elsarn

Freilichtmuseum Elsarn

In our museum you can experience the everyday life of the Teutons, the buildings and customs and learn more about the life and economic methods of this nation.Various true to the...

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Museum Gugging Außenansicht

Galerie Gugging

Galerie Gugging will continue focusing on works by the artists from Gugging but will also show and sell works by internationally recognized representatives of Brut Art.That means...

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Ignaz J. Pleyel Museum

The highly talented composer Ignaz Joseph Pleyel was born in 1757 in Ruppersthal, as son of a village schoolmaster. The Pleyel-museum is worldwide the only memorial dedicated to...

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Josef Reither Museum

Josef Reither Museum

Josef Reither was a prominent figure in Lower Austrian politics.The new Josef Reither Museum was opened by Lower Austrian Governor Erwin Pröll and shows Reither’s economic and...

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Heimatmuseum Korneuburg

Korneuburg Local Museum

Today’s cultural center was erected as a city bath with tubs and showers in 1908 in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I.The public bath was built in 1908...

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Leopold Figl Museum

Leopold Figl Museum

The Leopold Figl Museum in Rust is dedicated to the life of the former Austrian chancellor and his times. The great Austrian Leopold Figl signed the State Treaty in 1955 in his...

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Heimatmuseum Michelhausen

Michelhausen Local Museum

The museum serves as guide through more than 20 centuries and an almost forgotten work world. In the former metalworking shop will be the 8 cadastral communities and clubs of the...

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Museum Kierling

The Museum Kierling offers its visitors about 3000 exhibits in 12 showrooms and in the open air.The Universalmuseum Kierling was founded in 1987 as the "museum of local history"...

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Römermuseum Tulln

Roman Museum Tulln

The Roman Museum Tulln is reopened after an extensive redesign.
The Roman Museum exhibits a host of original finds to describe military and civilian life in Comagena, the Roman...

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Stadtmuseum & Hungerturm Traismauer

Stadtmuseum Traismauer

This interesting exhibition devoted to local history runs the gamut from mammoth tooth and flint ax to Roman glass vessels and medieval documents. There are hunters' targets...

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Heimatmuseum Zwentendorf

Zwentendorf Museum

At this two-story local museum of industry and technology, visitors learn about the history and area around Zwentendorf. The exhibition begins in the past when the community was...

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