Solstice event calender

We offer you information in advance about all events which will take place individually in several villages druing the solstice:

June 19th 2021 - solstice Wachau area
June 26th 2021 - solstice Nibelungengau area

Free entrance to all events!

During the solstice event in June special circumstances apply for traffic in the Wachau and Nibelungengau area. Please notice information at the section for approach and traffic service. Approach early and try to build a carpool. Please only park at the marked lots around the event area.

Dates until 2025

June 18th 2022 - Wachau
June 25th 2022 - Nibelungengau

June 17th 2023 - Wachau
June 24th 2023 - Nibelungengau

June 15th 2024 - Wachau
June 22th 2024 - Nibelungengau

June 21th 2025 - Wachau
June 28th 2025 - Nibelungengau