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  • Motorbootfahrt auf der Donau

Am Hafen 13,
3133 Traismauer

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Boat Adventure
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  • Motorbootfahrt auf der Donau

Charter a boat and explore this World Heritage landscape on a cruise of your own making.

Enjoy several unforgettable hours on the Danube with friends, family or business associates. Hop on the ADVENTURE or the BARRACUDA, both traditional flat-bottom Danube vessels known as zillen, for a high-speed ride through the Wachau (special destinations possible at any time on request).

Besides the preset tours, you can have a tailored tour at any time (also at night) for weddings, birthdays, company parties, etc. Aboard the ADVENTURE, there is also the option of individual catering.

The home port of Traismauer features a variety of water sports including water skiing or rides on bananas, sofas, inner tubes or wake boards.

Public arrival is easily accessible by train or bus.

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