• Pöchlarn, Nibelungengau
  • Oskar-Kokoschka-Museum in Pöchlarn, Nibelungengau
  • Stift Melk in der Wachau

Pöchlarn, Danube Ship Station No. 6

Pöchlarn was an important setting in the Lay of the Nibelung, a fact commemorated by a Nibelung monument. The Oskar Kokoschka Haus is where the world-famous Austrian painter was born. Today it is a modern gallery and as the Oskar Kokoschka Documentation Center provides insights into the life and work of this great Expressionist. www.poechlarn.at 

Worth seeing

Oskar Kokoschka Museum
The famous Austrian painter Oskar Kokoschka was born in Pöchlarn. His birthplace houses the Kokoschka Documentation Center and provides insights into this great Expressionist's life and work. www.oskarkokoschka.at 

Melk Abbey
Right along the Danube, there is a fascinating Baroque complex visible from far and wide: Melk Abbey, one of the most impressive Baroque structures in Austria. www.stiftmelk.at 

Museum "Erlauf remembers"
Erlauf is known as the "Community of Peace" and just opened a museum called "Erlauf remembers" in the old town hall. This exhibition presents the story of World World II and the end of the war. www.erlauferinnert.at 


Excursion Destination Distance Time
On foot Oskar Kokoschka Museum 900 m 12 min.
Bus Melk Abbey 12 km 14 min.
  Museum "Erlauf remembers" 6 km 7 min.

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Danube Ship Station: No. 6
Right bank
River marker km: 2044,545
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